Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is mPark?

    mPark is a Smartphone web application that allows the customer to pay for parking via their Smartphone.

  2. How does it work?

    Set up your account using the registration form.
    Use your credit card to topup your account.
    Select the vehicle you want to park, the zone you want to park in and the duration you want to park.
    Parking zone numbers will be clearly marked on the existing parking meters.
    The parking fee is debited from your account and our database updated to say your parking has been paid for.
    Parking wardens can then check the database for your vehicle's number plate.
    No coins, no paper tickets, no waiting at the Pay and Display machines.
    No running back to feed the meter. mPark will send you an email to remind you your parking is due to expire and allow you to top up.

    Download the mPark 'How to' guide (PDF)

  3. What does it cost?

    There is no charge for using mPark. The parking charges are what you would pay when you use the Pay and Display machines.
    There is a credit card transaction charge that varies depending on the amount you load onto your account and only applies when you load money onto your account. Please note this is not an mPark charge, it simply covers bank credit card fees.

  4. Why use mPark?

    You no longer have to look for change, find a parking machine, stand in the rain to wait to use the parking machine, find another parking machine once your realise the machine you have gone to is out of order.

    Avoid parking fines:
    Receive an email reminder to your phone 10 minutes prior to your parking running out.

    Extend your parking session remotely:
    No running back to feed the meter. Extend your parking remotely. Great if you’re running late at the doctor.

  5. How do I start using mPark?

    There are few simple steps to setting up an mPark account.
    Setting up an acount is done online by any internet enabled device.
    We recommend for the account set up that you undertake this on your computer and familarise yourself with the application.
    There are step by step instructions available online to take you through setting up an account, loading funds onto your account and paying for parking.

    Download the mPark 'How to' guide (PDF)

  6. How do install the mPark app?

    mPark is a webapp so there is no app to download from the App Store or the Play Store.

    To install mPark on your home screen please follow the instructions for iPhones or for Android Smartphones.

  7. Where can I park?

    mPark is available in all paid parking areas in the city of Whangarei. Maps are available in the mPark application showing the location of each zone.

  8. How do I know which zone I am in?

    Parking zones can be found on the map under the "Info" tab (on some mobile devices you may have to select the zoomable map function to zoom in and out). Zones are also clearly marked on existing parking meters.

  9. How quick is it to use mPark?

    Time will be dependent on the speed of your phone connection, but it should take a matter of seconds to select your options and pay for your parking.

  10. How do I know that my Mobile Payment has gone through?

    Once you have selected pay you will receive confirmation your payment has gone through. This will be stored in your History (found under the My Account tab).

  11. How do I know when my parking expires?

    You can enter your email address under the My Account > Parking reminder setup screen. Once you have set up the reminder option, an email will be sent to you 10 minutes prior to your parking expiring.

  12. Can I be alerted by text instead of email?

    No. Email alerts have been used to keep the cost down. Using a text alert would incur a cost for each alert / text.

  13. Can I top-up a parking transaction which is about to expire?

    Yes. You can select an existing parking session and extend the parking at anytime. Time restrictions still apply and it is the vehicle owners responsibility to ensure they do not stay over the permitted time.

  14. I am not sure if I performed a parking transaction or not – how do I find out?

    Under the My Account tab, select History to view all your transactions to date.

  15. Do I have to be registered to use mPark?


  16. Can I register multiple vehicles on one account?

    Yes. There is no limit to the amount of vehicles you can add. You can add a car if you would like to pay for a friend's parking who has not yet signed up to mPark.

  17. Can I register a vehicle on multiple accounts?

    Yes. There is no limit to the amount you can register. You can register all your family and or work vehicles on numerous accounts.

  18. Can I share an account?

    Yes. You can use your account on multiple phones - ideal for families.

  19. Will mPark work on my type of smartphone?

    We have tested mPark on both Android and iPhone. However it should also work on Blackberry phones too. mPark is a mobile website not an application, so to use mPark you simply go to There is no application to download.

  20. Does mPark allow me to pay for parking on days and times that are free?

    Yes parking can be paid for when using mPark when in fact there may be no charge for that time of day. It is up to the user to determine when a fee is payable. This is clearly set out on the parking map. We are developing the system to inform customers when they do not need to pay which will be rolled out at a later date.

  21. Can I get a refund if I accidently pay for parking when in fact there is no charge for that day / time?

    Unfortunately no refunds will be given for payment of parking on a day or for a time when charges do not apply.

  22. How do I get a GST receipt?

    To get a GST receipt for a whole month:
    1. Log in to mPark.
    2. Choose "My Account" on the main bottom menu.
    3. Click "History".
    4. Choose the month you want a GST receipt for.
    5. Click "send to my email". An email will be sent to the email address connected to your account.